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A travel stroller comfortable for occasional use in the city that will last for my 2yo

Marina • 09 Jul 2023

Hello, Eli!

When we chose our first stroller, your advice was invaluable. We have an Easywalker Harvey that we absolutely love. Then, when we started traveling, we wanted a budget stroller and bought a Hauck Sport, which, although not great, did its job for a year and a half.

But now my son is two years old, weighing around 13 or 14 kg, and the Hauck has become too small and uncomfortable. So we decided to buy a new travel stroller. We would like a model that is also comfortable for occasional use in the city. And since my son is already two years old, we would like a model that will last until he no longer needs a stroller.

That being said, we have a budget limitation of 200 euros. What model would you recommend?

Eli • 10 Jul 2023

Hey, Marina,

With that budget, you will have to count on some compromises. For lasting longer, you need space and quality, and that means, usually, a more expensive stroller. In any case, you best bet would be the Joolz Aer and if you could find it pre-owned, you'd have a budget stroller AND a long-lasting stroller.

Apart from that, I would look at the Recaro Lexa, or maybe also the Kinderkraft Nubi (but there, the quality is lower, but the room is ok).

Here are some of the better travel strollers in a list for 2023, however not all will fit your budget. Getting a used stroller, especially if it's a better brand, is a good option too, however.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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