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A three-wheeler for fields, grass, gravel, hikes (ideally without inflatable wheels)

Helen • 09 Apr 2024

Hi Eli

I'm looking at various 3 wheel pushchairs. I'm torn between 2. The Baby jogger city mini GT 2 and the Elite 2.

I've considered the Out n about Nipper, but I don't think (I could be wrong) that the seats accommodate bigger toddlers or that the hood is as big. Plus I'd prefer something with puncture proof wheels.

It's going to be used for walking the dogs across muddy fields, woodland walks, gravel paths, lakes/reservoirs where there's little shelter etc. (so walking/hiking, not running).

Ideally a bumper/belly bar, but that's not essential. I will need to be able to fit a footmuff on and preferably a basket big enough to store rain cover, change bag and jackets etc.

I think with any of them I'd need to remove a wheel to fit it in my boot (it may fit sideways) and fortunately I have space at home to store it along with my main pushchair so I'm not too concerned about the folded size.
I'm in the UK so will need a rain cover year round. I'm open to any other suggestions you may have.

I have had a lot of recommendations for the Nipper and it does have a lot of features I like, but I'm leaning more towards BJ.

Another recommendation was the Hauck Runner 2, but I don't think this has any suspension, plus it also has the air tyres.

Thanks again 🤗

Eli • 09 Apr 2024

Hey, Helen,

The Nipper itself isn't bad, and it's a bit more affordable. It's also a tad simpler, the seat sitze I would say is nice, just not foot positioning, again, a simpler design. I would say it's a good choice for the money.

From the BJs, which are higher quality and a bit more elaborate, I would go for the Elite 2 here. I't larger, will withstand the terrain better -the City Mini GT2 is good for some terrain but predominantly the city, while the Elite is a bit more robust and overall capable. So that would be my choice here, especially when you don't want inflatable wheels (they do have some advantages, though).

I wouldn't pitck the Hauck as truly the suspension there is non existend, and the stroller is lower quality. It's ok for less demanding parents but not the best pick in my opinion.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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