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A tall-backrest stroller for traveling..?

Debbie • 15 Sep 2023

Hi Eli,

I have been looking for ages now for a stroller that has a tall backrest and deep seat. I currently have a Graco Breaze and I love the upright position on it. However my little girl (15months) is now too tall for it, is there any travel stroller (with use for everyday) available other than the Bugaboo Butterfly?

Thanks Debbie

Eli • 15 Sep 2023

Hey Debbie,

The smaller the stroller will be, the narrower or less deep the seat will be. There's the Joolz Aer+ and it's a good one, tall, seat back-wise, however still, it is not a large stroller, nor a super large seat. The position also isn't that upright.

Maybe check Maclaren strollers which are roomy and rather comfy, seat-wise. Also, look at the Koelstra Simba T4 which is simple but practical and with enough space. And for some real room, look at a bit larger models, like the Valco Snap 4 which is light but larger, and much roomier for your growing child.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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