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A stroller with wheels, spacious seat, good size basket & hood, and good for woodland walks

Helen • 06 Aug 2023

I'm looking for a full-size stroller for my 2nd child.

My requirements are 4 wheels, spacious seat to last through to not needing a stroller, a good size basket & hood and able to tackle woodland walks (local country park).

I had a Kinderkraft Grande for my 1st and the size of seat unit and hood were great. My tall 4 year old can still (only just) fit in the seat with the hood able to close. However the suspension was not the best & the basket, although large, only has a 2kg weight limit.

I've looked at the Cybex Balios S Lux and Uppababy Cruz V2 at a local store and I'm unsure about a bucket seat having only had a lie flat previously, but haven't discounted it as an option either.

I've also seen online a Kinderkraft Nea and a Nuna Tavo Next.

Would you recommend one of these over another or any alternative I may have missed?
Thank you

Eli • 06 Aug 2023

Hey, Helen,

If you need at least as much space as the KK Grande had, I wouldstrongly recommend against getting a reversible-seat stroller. Both the Balios S and the Vista are nice ans sturdy, but not with crazy much suspension nor that roomy.

I would suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 which is spacious, great for bumps, and overall very solid, quality-wise, but you're asking for a four-wheeler. Which means I will mention a Gesslein S4, a Joie Mytrax, or Valco Trend SPORT with inflatable wheels.

The Bumbleride Indie 4 would also be great but it's discontinued and only the three-wheel option is available (and great, but 3-wheeled). From the reversible models, the Bumbleride Era, if available where you live, could be a good option.

In general, if you want the space you're used to, you need a forward-facing-only seat, and for those woodland parrks, a quality brand that has larger wheels. Go look around in baby stores around you and try a few like this... and I would suggest not discarding three-wheelers as they are very nimble, too.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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