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A stroller with larger back wheels and a big boy

Mariasuzannej • 18 Aug 2023

I am looking for a stroller for my 17 month old who is 14.5kg and 115cm, so a big boy!

I would like it to;
- have large back wheels
- large seat
- high backrest over 45cm
- easy to fold
- an adjustable hood/canopy to raise up
- have a large max weight (is the highest 22kg?)
- not cost the earth!

Currently have the Mamas and Papas Occarro and love the pram but my little boys head is near the top now and as the hood cannot be raised when putting it over him it is touching his head.

Thank you x

Eli • 18 Aug 2023


For a big boy, you need something that doesn't have a reversible seat - that is what limits the size and makes the canopy to be right over the backrest = limited room and a tight fit.

My suggestions would be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (realistically up to 25-29 kg ), maybe also the Mamas&Papas Armadillo XT, the Valco Trend Sport, the Britax B-Motion Plus, or the Gesslein S4.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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