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A stroller with a tall backrest

Jane • 05 May 2023

I need a stroller for my grandsons with a high backrest as they are tall for their age. Can you recommend some with backrest over 42 cm please

Eli • 05 May 2023

Hey, Jane,

And whyt kind of stroller do you need? A double or a single? A full-sized or a compact one? Forward-facing is ok, or does it need to be a reversible seater? Urban is ok, or does it need to be all-terrain? What is the age of the child/children that will use it? And last but not least, what budget is available for it?

Bottom line is, there are quite a few strollers with a backrest taller than 42 cm. However, there are too many for me to blindly pick if I don't know what are we looking for. Please send me another question after thinking about this, and try to pick one to two priorities, not too many opposing one (like a compact, lightweight all-terrain, that doesn't go together).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.