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A stroller from birth (needs to fit a Cybex Cloud Z car seat) that will be ok for coffee dates but also can work with a buggy board and has suspension for parks

Bec • 25 Feb 2024

Hi Eli,

I had the Mamas and Papas Strada for my first baby and honestly hated it because it was so hard work and unsteady on anything but a perfect flat surface. I’m now expecting my second and want a stroller that I can use my Cybex Z cloud car seat with and possibly a buggy board, but one that I can push through parks comfortably (I’m thinking suspension and bigger wheels for a start). I have a City Jogger Elite (which you recommended to me, and I love), which I use for my toddler, but I don’t think it’s really ideal for a newborn and is really quite big for coffee dates. Any insight you have would be appreciated!

Eli • 25 Feb 2024

Hey, Bec,

You're tight that the Elite is a larger model, perhaps not ideal when you want something smaller, on the other hand, you mention you want a buggy board, and that you shouldn't attach to anything small as it will be a pain in the a**. I mean, there is no space for the feet (that is real with any stroller), the bad center of gravity, and a loose stroller over time, especially if it's lighter to begin with.

So it maybe could be worth just getting the bassinet and Maxi-Cosi/Cybex adapters for your Elite, at least until you se the board and/or until you know exactly what you need. Or to complement that with something like the Cybex Mios and use that for cafés, while for walking more and with a buggy board, you'd use the Elite.

If still you'd want a smaller model to replace this, hm... Maybe some middle ground could work. Look at the Cybex Balios S, the Jané Muum, the ABC Design Swing the Joie Versatrax, such models that are not tiny and can take at least some of what you need.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.