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A stroller for trails with the highest seat back to allow a tall child a comfortable nap

Robin • 16 Apr 2023

Hi Eli.

I live in Colorado and take daily walks on trails (some paved, most dirt). I need to find a stroller that handles this terrain well. I have tried several strollers that did well on the terrain, but my youngest child is tall, and sometimes likes to recline all the way and nap on our walks and we have found most seat backs not tall enough. What all-terrain (large wheels and suspension are a must) strollers have the highest seat back to allow my child a comfortable ride through the trails?

Thanks in advance!

Eli • 17 Apr 2023

Hey, Robin,

Realistically, the most spacious terrain strollers out there are either the Baby Jogger City Elite (2), BOB three-wheelers. The Uppababy Ridge is also rather nice.

I know for a fact that people even use the Baby Joggers with special-needs children as long as they can to avoid a wheelchair. The Mountain Buggy Terrain is also super spacious, probably with the tallest seat back out there, however it is narrower, an the canopy is closer to it, so I actually think that the BJs and BOBs are roomier as a result.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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