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A stroller for snow, roomy lie-flat reversible seat, without a carrycot, nice canopy and a gate-open bumper bar

Mealzy • 03 Aug 2023


I’d love some help with which stroller to buy. I’m looking for one with the following features and I’m just getting lost searching.

Snow friendly (big wheels and perhaps pump-able)
Seat which can parent face or front face
Foldable without detaching the seat
Purchasable without the pram set
Front safety bar which swings open
Lay flat feature for naps
Usable for as long as possible into toddler years
Good canopy coverage for naps
Rain cover available for bad weather

Thank you so much!
I’ve been running into trouble finding something.

Eli • 03 Aug 2023

Hey, Mealzy,

The first that came to mind was the
which is a great stroller to push, and also spacious. The only thing it doesn't have is the swing-open belly bar, however I think that compromise can be survived. However, it is not sold much anymore as it was discontinued, so checking classifieds for one (or outlets) might be a good idea.

I will also recommend Emmaljunga strollers, there are multiple models which you can just check, and they have a lot of what you want, however not all fold with the seat attached.

One of the closest fitting options would be the ABC Design Salsa 4 which is sturdy, has large wheels, superb canopy, and a large seat that lies flat. It folds with the seat but is quite large at that. Overall, this might be what you need, however, unfortunately, this one doesn't come without the pram (bassinet) accessory, usually.

he Joie Verstarax might be a nice budget option, versatle and lie-flat, however the canopy is shorter in the lie.flat position, so any universal shade will be needed when you need a full coverage.

Lastly, look into brands like Gesslein or Hartan, they have multiple models and optional fixed wheel accessory for some, meaning that is there is a lot of snow, you would swap the fron axle for a better ride in the snow. Fixes large wheels in the snow are usually a good idea. Their sellers are usually ordering just what you need so there it might be possible to "modularize" your stroller as you need, though these strollers are usually on the expensive side.

P.S. You do need to count on the stroller being bulky, as anything that folds with a (reversible) seat and is ok on snow won't be small. With such strollers, sometimes it is better to fold them without the seat even if it's possible to do so with it, as the resulting size is simply too big with the seat.

P.S. 2 It's always about compromising. No stroller has it all.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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