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A stroller for smooth rides over cobbled streets and with a compact fold

PK • 26 Jul 2023


I am looking for a stroller for a newborn. My priorities are smooth rides over cobbled streets and compact fold size.

Which of these strollers would be the best bet (I am based in India, so have limited options available)?
1. Chicco Goody Plus2. Joie Muze lx3. Mothercare Amble4. Asalvo Flight / Cabin


Eli • 26 Jul 2023

Heya, PK,

None of these will be ok on cobblestones. These are simple, very small urban strollers, so just be ready they will be a bit rattly, not too sturdy, and not good on terrain.

My best choice out of these would be the Chicco Goody+ (if you need as small as possible) or the Monthercare Amble if that size is ok wás well - however with that non-terrain use in mind. The Muze is a rattle, and so are the Asalvo models. The Amble is a bit larger thus sturdier, but doesn't have that much suspension.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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