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A stroller for public transport as well as for the woods for a chunky, taller 1 year old

Natalie • 15 Feb 2024

My tall chunky 1 year old is already outgrowing his pram!

He's 15kg and also pretty tall. We have the Mamas&Papas Airo which we love for how compact it is (we don't have much space for storage) but I don't think he's going to last much longer as the straps are getting tricky to do up and his head is now over the backboard. From where he has very chunky thighs and bum I feel like he needs a deeper pram but he does like being able to sit up and look around him too.

We also like going to walks in the woods but this pram gets clogged up with the leaves.

We don't drive (yet) and get the bus a lot so needs to be able to fit on buses or at least fold down quickly and easily if it's busy.

The budget isn't great, so I would probably have to look for one on finance, but as long as the finance is available, I could hopefully figure it out or look secondhand.

Are you able to suggest anything that would work and last him, please??

Eli • 16 Feb 2024

Hey, Natalie,

Well, you do have one of the smallest types of strollers there is, so a tall, chunkier 1yo can outgrow that; it happens a lot with these travel-sized models. For an urban, public-transport-friendly pram that's also ok for the woods and has a roomy / deeper seat, you might have a problem balancing what will be the compromise, especially with a limited budget, but I also would suggest looking at classifieds as well. The Oyster Zero could be a nice, light, but super spacious choice, and I highly recommend it - not a terrain stroller, but really nice, suspensions-wise, for such a light model.

Also, a pre-owned Baby Jogger City Mini GT would be a rather nice and also dirt roads-friendly solution. Even an older model will be sturdy and lasting, space-wise, too.

Lastly, check the Britax B-Motion Plus, which is heavier, though, and I like it less than the first two, but there's plenty of space, and it could be available pre-loved.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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