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A stroller for a very high centile toddler

Beth • 04 Dec 2023

Hi, I have a very high centile toddler who has outgrown their current pushchair and am looking for a new pushchair with the longest height of seat? She is not yet walking, and in 2-3clothes already at 17months. Seat height will be more important than weight limit as she is heavy but the main problem is the height so her head is still supported for naps.

So far the biggest I have found is the Bugaboo Butterfly with seat height of 56cm and available height overall of 63cm. Are there any others you can suggest please?

Eli • 04 Dec 2023

Hi, Beth,

You are right that the Butterfly has a tall backrest, but you need to also note that it is a TRAVEL stroller and as such, it is narrow and overall not roomy, really. If we're talking about travel strollers only, then yeah, the Butterfly or the Joolz Aer+ ae your best bets. However, if we're talking everyday use strollers, you need to look not only at the backrest height (it is important but not as much) - but mostly at the overall space distribution plus space to the canopy. As I found, the non-reversible Baby Joggers are some of the roomiest strollers out there, and I personally would get a City Mini (GT) line model in a heartbeat if I needed space. Also, the Valco Trend is a superbly spacious stroller and I can recommend it for a tall toddler.

Truly, the width and overall distribution of space (including seat depth) will be just as important as the backrest, so perhaps try the strollers out before only deciding based on the backrest. I can strongly recommend the BJs or the Valco for a tall child, it will last and will be comfier that the tiny Butterfly.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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