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A stroller for a tall mum and a 2 years old toddler (tall handlebar needed)

Mlocke • 04 Apr 2024


I'm a 6ft mum looking for a stroller in the UK or US which has very tall handlebar/s so that I'm not hunched over when pushing my 2 year old around. I don't want it to break the bank either.

Thank you

Eli • 05 Apr 2024


For a 2 years old, I believe you will need something forward-facing only. From the everyday, mid-size, light type, I would suggest checking out the Valco Trend which is super roomy while the handle goes up to 110 cm, the Peg-Pérego Booklet (handle up to 109 cm and nicely shaped) - OR I would suggest getting the handlebar extension accessory if you have a particular stroller type in mind (but the handle doesn't fit). Just search for "stroller handle extension" on Amazon and you'll see what I mean.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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