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A stroller for a 44” tall 4 years old

Mart5381 • 26 Mar 2024


My 4 yr old is 44” and I’m looking for another that will fit his height well for the longest. I don’t want to buy a stroller and grow out of it right away. I’m looking at Thule but I’m hesitant with the reclined position. Is a Bob Wayfinder or All terrain an option for a really tall kid? What jogger best fits a tall kiddo?


Eli • 26 Mar 2024

Hey, Melissa,

The Thule strollers are nice and roomy-ish, however the hood is kind of close above the seat, and the seat itself is a bit narrower than comparable strollers'. I would definitely say the BOB strollers are a better, more spacious option. I also can recommend at least trying (in a baby store) the Baby Jogger City Elite 2 or the Summit X3 which are also really roomy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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