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A smaller-seat stroller for a boy with achondroplasia (dwarfism)

Jessica • 14 May 2024

My son has achondroplasia, the most common form of dwarfism. He has low muscle tone and his arms and legs are shorter than other average stature children his age. He’s 19 months and 14 pounds. Before he was born, I was able to find the Jane Matrix Light 2, which gave us the perfect fully lay flat option with a travel system when he was an infant. But I’m looking for our next stroller: he’s sitting up on his own now, and wants to be able to do more than recline on walks around town. He strains to sit up. I want a lightweight, foldable option, that accommodates his smaller size, supports his back (he wears a brace for his kyphus region so bucket seats are an no-go), and is comfortable.

Does such a thing exist??

Eli • 15 May 2024

Hey, Jessica,

This is a very hard situation to advise on. Especially with very special needs and the stroller choices being different from country to country, I personally would strongly recommend going into multiple baby shops and really trying for yourself, with your son – to see how each seat suits him. It can be that a stroller can really sound right, e.g. I thought of perhaps a Moon ReSea as a smaller seat that could work, or the Cybex Talos S that has a lie-flat seat with quite an upright sitting position (if needed) - however, the Talos being quite bulky, actually... and then, the Cybex Mios which is compact but with a rather nicely shaped seat, but, made out oof mesh... but I cannot promise it will be what you wanted without you trying out.

So that would be my best advice, visit multiple different baby store chains, try it out to see how and what fits, and go from there.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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