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A small travel stroller, sturdy and roomy enough for a 3 years old

Lee • 01 Feb 2024

I'm after something that may not exist, but I'm hoping you can find me the next closest thing!

Looking for a travel stroller. The child is currently 3, 100cm, 16kg. Travelling in around 6 months. So I need something with a 20kg + limit and a big enough seat for a toddler who's so big.

I want an ultra compact, small enough to tuck under a table or carry along when not using it. He doesn't nap, so don't necessarily NEED any recline ability.

Doesn't normally use a stroller but this is for travelling, so it's not going to get a lot of use, if the weight limit was high enough to get a couple years of travelling from then I'd be happy to pay more!

Ideally want it to have a basket and sun hood.

I could compromise on fitting in aircraft overhead if there isn't anything that small that is suitable but ideally we want to just keep it with us at all times and not feel bothered by having it.

Thank you for the help

Eli • 01 Feb 2024

Hey, Lee,

Not sure what the budget is, but I could recommend the Joolz Aer(+) as that is a sturdier model with a very tall backrest (compared to most ultra compacts). I would say that is your highest quality = sturdiest bet.

Apart from that, perhaps look at the Cybex Orfeo, or the GB Pockit+ which are simpler in a way (a bit less sturdy) but could fit as well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.