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A small buggy to change our Vista for

Minniemol • 07 Apr 2024

Hi, we're short on space in our car boot and I'm wondering would a one hand fold travel stroller be better for our needs?

We currently have the Uppababy Vista, and although I love it for its sturdiness and the huge basket, it's becoming quite cumbersome to lift in and out every time I go anywhere. We also travel quite a bit to see family, and with two kids and two dogs, there's extremely limited room to pack anything other than the Vista.

I'm currently looking at the Ergobaby Deluxe or the Joolz Aer Plus. They're both quite expensive so I want to be sure I'll get use out of them. It's for my 13-month-old boy. I also have a very active 3 year old so I feel the one handed fold would help a lot getting in and out of the car, but I worry can they take the wear and tear of everyday use? We live in the city but do spend time in the countryside when visiting family. I did also consider a lower budget option Osann Boogy stroller but wonder if it would handle as well as the higher budget options.

Many thanks for any help 😊

Eli • 08 Apr 2024


I see your struggle, and understand your choices. They are not bad at all, actually! I must warn you, though, the change from such a sturdy, large pram to such a small (smallest there is, pretty much) type will be quite brutal, especially wheels-wise; you need to expect a rattlier ride and having to watch out for potholes and larger bumps. You will feel those even with the best travel model.

I personally would not suggest going for the Osann, a cheaper brand that might make you quite disappointed after the Vista. Ergobaby is sturdy and nice, but rather rattly to some, and space as well as quality-wise, I would strongly prefer the Aer+ here - a well made, super nice to-push one. Again, it will not be comparable in push to your Vista, so make sure you are braced for that.

So, I will recommend the Joolz, but will also suggest to, perhaps, consider something in between - like the Oyster ero Gravity which would be somewhere in between, and will offer a wider seat as well as a bit larger wheels + a flat fold that is definitely smaller than the Vista's.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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