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A roomy travel stroller for different terrain and for a 2 years ol

Keke951 • 21 Feb 2023


I’m looking for a stroller for my 2 years old, need one that is 22kg or 25kg max weight - he is also tall so needs to have a tall back rest.

Easy to put down if needed to as travel on buses and trains a lot, but also not too chunky so it fits in boot of car. Currently have a Vennici travel system and his head is touching the hood.

We also go on gravel and grass a lot so need to be able to move on all sorts of surfaces please.

Any help at all I’ve been looking for ages,
I’m in the UK x

Eli • 21 Feb 2023


Be sure to weight your priorities as if you need a spacious, and also different surfaces-able stroller, it has to have larger wheels plus suspension, which means a larger model, but you also also ask for something to travel with, which means a smaller stroller - less all-terrain.

I personally would go for something like the Oyster Zero Gravity as it is super like, auto-folding, wide and roomy in the seat, and te hood is huge and awesome. Apart from that, I will suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2, and from the cheaper stuff (but also expect less quality), check the Kinderkraft Grande line.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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