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A roomy pushchair lighter than our Baby Jogger City Mini GT

Libby • 12 Feb 2024

Hello again,

Thanks for answering my earlier question(s) re the City Mini GT and Joolz Aer. I do really need something lighter than the GT but that is nearly as spacious - does the Cosatto Woosh or Oyster Zero come anywhere close? I still need something for city walk/pavements when little legs have had enough but I don't need an all singing all dancing model.

To sum up I need:
Spacious seat for tall toddler
Light enough to carry for a little while
Folds up for on bus/train/restaurants
One handle - umbrella is a no for me

Thank you!

(Ps it's totally fine if you think the GT is still the one to stick with 👍👍)

Eli • 13 Feb 2024

Hey, Libby,

If the weight is the main thing, the Oyster Zero would be my go to. Honestly, it's not such a crazy difference, but it is almost 2 kg so it might help. I also loved how roomy, wide was the seat, and the superbly huge canopy on the Zero. So if a bit of lighter weight is already helpful to you, that is a nice model for sure. Similar, but without suspension (very light though) would be the Valco Snap 4, also worth looking at I guess.

The Woosh is SO tiny in the seat I would advise against it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.