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A roomy budget-friendly pushchair for a 15kg 22 months old

Tish • 21 Jan 2024

I currently have the Mamas and Papas Ocarro which I do like but find it difficult to fold (not so bothered about being bulky/heavy etc. as I don’t drive so I need something good for everyday). My little boys head is nearing the top of this pushchair.

I have been looking at the Litetrax Pro but looking on here the seat unit is actually shorter than the Ocarro! I’m now unsure whether it’s even worth upgrading at all. I only have around £200 to spend on a new stroller and it has to be something that is sturdy enough for different terrains. I previously bought a lightweight travel stroller which I hated and sold. I’m looking for something that’s going to last until he doesn’t need go use a pram/stroller at all anymore.

My son is 22 months and around 15kg (the Litetrax pro is up to 22kg) he is fairly short in tbe legs with a longer body.

Eli • 22 Jan 2024

Hey, Tish,

It is not as much about the seat/backrest height. The Litetrax would have more space for your little one as the hood is not immediately over the seat, plus the seat is wider - it's always so that the reversible models are MUCH MORE LIMITED in space because of those two things.

I think you can go for the Litetrax and it won't be tight, at least not if he's not crazy tall. Apart form that, check the Kinderkraft Grande which is roomy and cheap, though I think the quality of the details, fabrics and so on isn't as awesome.

I also really like the Oyster Zero which, perhaps, pre-owned could be a budget buy, too. The Baby Jiógger City Mini(2) is even more spacious. Again, both I would perhaps check also second-hand.

The cheaper the new stroller will be, the more you will feel (and possibly hate) it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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