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A reversible, lie-flat, reasonably upright stroller for a reflux-y baby

Emer • 11 Sep 2023

I have an Out and About stroller which has got me through two children and also now have a double Out and About. However, this new baby who is 3 months old hates the car seat which attaches onto it and I would like to get a stroller where she can face me and be relatively upright as she is very refluxy. I would however also like something that can lie flat and she could sleep in if she is ever able to sleep in the buggy. I was looking at a Joie Versitrax as would ideally not like to spend a fortune but I read something that said that the canopy is not as good at giving coverage for sleeping as a Bugaboo. I can see a Bugaboo Buffalo second-hand for a good price.

Many thanks, any advice appreciated

Eli • 11 Sep 2023

Hey, Emer,

First, I will confirm that the Versatrax hood is definitely shorter in the lie-flat setup, and shorter than a Bugaboo canopy.

That being said, I think you can safely go with the Versatrax, as that is an easy fix - you can just get a universal stroller sun shade and attach it on. I mean, the Buffalo is an excellent stroller, HOWEVER, you wanted a lie.flat and that it doesn't have, it has a shaped, "ergonomic" seat unit that is shaped even when lied down. Btw, that is sometimes useful for reflux babies, so maybe it's not such a bad thing. However, the bulkiness to the pram is also a factor to consider, and the Buffalo is sturdy and all.terrain but folds in 2 pieces and takes up quite some space.

So, if the bulkiness and L-shaped bucket-style seat are ok for you, the Buffalo is actually a great option, even used. But the Versatrax is more upright, a bit less bulky, and cheaper as new, and the canopy can be fixed with a simple accessory. So both are nice options, and now it's just up to your preference.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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