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A reliable stroller system that is compatible with the Cybex Cloud T car seat

Zee • 18 Dec 2023

Hello Eli,

Great work with the site and what you are doing. It's great to find so much advice, but that's also a problem because I'm completely confused at the moment.

For my first child, I want to buy a sturdy reliable stroller, a full set with carrycot, seat, and car seat. The best option I could find is the Inglesina Aptica XT, but I would prefer to use a Cybex Cloud T car seat for the stroller. I cannot find any adapters for it, and I'm even asking myself if there is a better option than the Aptica XT, maybe something as sturdy but more compact and reliable which could fit the Cloud T.

Any options? My budget is limited to 1300euros for the full set and I also need something I can take out to parks which will not get destroyed by the terrain.

Eli • 19 Dec 2023

Hey, Zee,

There definitely are adapters for the Aptica that would take a Cybex car seat, they look like this:

Inglesina Aptica XT car seat adapters compatible with Maxi-Cosi and Cybex car seats

If in your country they are not available, make sure to check eBay as well, you might find some there I believe.

Apart from the Aptica, I would look at the Cybex Priam or even better, the Bugaboo Fox, with such a budget, I think you should be able to get the whole system if you browse a bit for nice prices. It is a very light but very practical all-rounder. The [cybex-balios-s|Cybex Balios S]] could also work for your situation.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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