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A pushchair with two handle bars, large hood, leg rest, and deep seat

Brit • 09 Feb 2024


I’m looking for a pushchair with two handle bars, adjustable strap, large hood to cover legs, leg rest, folds down, lightweight, deep seat, storage basket. Thank you.

Eli • 10 Feb 2024

Hey, Brit,

The list feels a tad long, and if we're talking about models with two handles ("umbrella buggies"), they are usually on the simpler side and don't have all (especially baskets are normally small, and often the hoods as well).

I will recommend looking at Peg-Perego Si, Koelstra Simba T4, Mamas&Papas Tour 3 or Voyage - and also, visit a larger baby store around you to check what's available around you and try it in real life so that you don't buy blindly and know what kind of "simpler" I am talking about.

... Also, it would be good to consider getting an extra universal sunshade (not expensive at all) that will check that hood requirement even if you pick a model that doesn't have such an extreme hood (leg coverage is quite rare in general).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.