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A lightweight small fold pushchair for a tall 3.5 year old

Craig and Lizzie • 26 Feb 2024

Hi, we are looking for a lightweight small fold pushchair for our 3.5 year old who weights 17kg and is very tall. Only for occasional use and travel/shopping/restaurants. Must be able to push with one hand whilst holding little hand with the other. We are also tall parents. Thank you!

Eli • 27 Feb 2024

Hey guys,

There are very few very small, light strollers that can comfortably fit a larger or taller, older toddler. So you will either have to pick one of those few, and they usually aren't the cheapest or just get something a tad bigger, or compromise on that space and have the child a bit squeezed in. With all the small-folding, lightweight buggies, the handle also won't be crazy high, you should count on that.

My suggestion would be the Joolz Aer+, which has tall backrest and is very nice to push; the best choice, I would say. The Buagboo Butterfly also has a tall seat back, but it feels narrower, so it's just good to know. But a nice choice as well.

I would also think about a mid-size model like an Oyster Zero or a Baby Jogger City Mini2 which are light, fold flat (but not as tiny), but are much more spacious.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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