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A lightweight, reversible stroller that will last and can be used with the seat from birth

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Oana M • 18 Jan 2023


I would be interested in finding a stroller which:

- can be used from birth, so it needs to be in a perfect 180 degrees position. I was looking at the ones which have a baby bassinet (example - https://cdn.strollberry.com/strl/m/7N4E7uHaFhq.jpg), but I don't know if it will be suitable since the baby will be born in June and it will be pretty hot... This is why I wanted a sport stroller that can be used from birth as well, I know that in the first months the baby needs to be in full horizontal position.
- which also can be used in the sport mode until the baby is 15-22 kg.
- I want to be able to reverse the stroller position, to have the baby in my front while walking.
- It is important that the stroller can be folded and is not too heavy (max 7 kg).
- also it is important that the stroller is not wider than 58 cm, because it needs to fit the elevator.

I liked the idea of the Euro-Cart Volt Pro. but what is missing is that the handle is not reversible.

Thank you very much for reading my message and for your great help.

Eli • 18 Jan 2023

Hi, Oana,

I will probably disappoint you, but such stroller doesn't exist, at least not a long-lasting, comfortable one. A reversible seat (read more here) means a SMALLER space for the kid, and almost no reversible stroller accepts (for real, not just on paper) a 22kg child (usually it lasts about 2, max. 3 years of age, till 12-15 kg of the kid). Also, the reversibility makes the stroller heavier, and the most compact and lightest I can think of that is spacious enough is the Cybex Mios that I will recommend you, however it is over 8 kg (and that is one of the lightest you can get). This stroller can also have a bassinet, OR a soft insert cot that I would recommend using, as the seat is a bit too big for a newborn baby without a cocoon or at least something to protect him/her. So definitely check the Cybex Mios (not the Melio, much lower quality). It should tick most of your boxes, and has a mesh seat, too, so in summer, it is better ventilated than most. And if it is too expensive, just check pre-owned ones, it is quality enough to be used with multiple children.

Other than that, in that weight category and wanting to last a larger child, you will have to compromise, mostly in the reversibility part - forward-facing strollers are more spacious and lighter, too. Or, perhaps, rethink your priorities and pick just a few, as you simply cannot have everything in one stroller - just as you cannot have an all-terrain limousine with giant seat space and also be the size of a Smart for 2.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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