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A lightweight, fully reclinable (around 7 kg) stroller with a large canopy for a one year old

Julia • 13 Apr 2023

I’m looking for a relatively lightweight (around 7 kg) stroller for a one year old. It has to be able to recline for naps (preferably no straps), handle city walks. It does not have to fit a large child, only a 1-2 year old. Preferably with a large canopy. Easy folding, no umbrella fold.

Eli • 14 Apr 2023

Hey, Julia,

If you want a very light (~ 7 kg is very light) stroller, the strap recline is actually preferable. Strollers use it because it breaks less and is a much lighter mechanism to make the stroller lighter overall. Which is why I would suggest the Oyster Zero Gravity which is super easy to fold, reclines fully, the canipy is awesome, and the stroller is overall light.

Other than that, check the Chicco Goody Plus, which is much smaller (also ess space of course, but you said you don't need it) and does use the lever system for reclining. The Cybex Eezy S+2 could also be a very nice, light choice here.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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