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A lightweight, compact stroller that is reversible and has a carrycot option

CrisMSF • 16 Jan 2023

Hi Eli!

I’m looking for a stroller that is lightweight but still reversible. We’re going to use it with a bassinet in the newborn stage and then switch when she’s older (not a big fan of using car seat if it’s gonna take more than 45min).

I thought the Cybex Eezy Switch was a good option but I found out it only has 2 recline positions.
I also liked the Bugaboo Bee, my brother bought it in 2016 and loved it, he used it all the time with both my niece first and then my nephew since they were born, and it still looks like new, but I think there’s probably strollers that fold smaller nowadays.
I want something lightweight that is easy to take out of the trunk. Also, we will be flying to Spain some times of the year (that’s where my family is from), and we will walk a lot over there.

What other strollers do you recommend?

Thank you so much!

Eli • 16 Jan 2023

Heya, Cris,

I personally wanted the same thing with my third. I ended up with a Cybex Mios, and I still think it is the best small, reversible stroller. The frame is much more durable than that of competition's models, and the seat is reasonably large, with a tall backrest. It is light (around 8 kg), compact, and comfy to push (great center of gravity). I would 100% go for that one again.

On the other hand, the similar Cybex Melio is a much cheaper model with much looser frame, so that I would not go for.

I could actually name more strollers that are similar, but they are simply not better. So I will strongly recommend going for the Mios.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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