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A lightweight buggy for an 8mo baby

mari • 25 Oct 2023

I have an 8month old baby and I walk a lot. So I need a lightweight buggy (to climb staircases) but convenient to stroll around too. I cannot decide among the Joolz Aer+, the Babyzen Yoyo2, the Easywalker Jackey and the Inglesina Quid2.

What's your opinion? Thank you in advance!

Eli • 25 Oct 2023

Hey, mari,

From your choices, I personally would go for the Aer+. That one is the most convenient, push-wise, and also he most spacious. The Yoyo is super slanted and also has a short backrest, the Jacke's seat is also too far from upright, and the room in the Quid2 is rather limited, too. The Aer is the highest quality and the most comfortable from my point of view.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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