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A lighteweight stroller with puncture proof (non-EVA) wheels and 4 wheel suspension

Emma • 25 Feb 2024

I am looking for a liteweight stroller with puncture proof wheels and 4 wheel suspension. I REALLY do not want EVA wheels, I already have a stroller with EVA wheels and can feel every lump and bump.

Eli • 25 Feb 2024

Hey, Emma,

Just a heads up that even between EVA wheels, there are huge differences - some are harder, some softer, and A LOT depends on the suspension and frame itself, so there is no guarantee all EVA are "bad" or that when you change for rubber, it will be "good" (Peg-Pérego's have rubberized wheens and they rattle as hell for the most part, for example).

he best s to go and see for yourself, try multiple models out, and in general look at the stroller's quality, suspension, and wheel size - the bugger and more cushioning the wheels, the more comfort you get. That is why most light models won't give you that, they are simply made with smaller wheels and thus less comfortable on bumps.

I personally loved the Cybex Mios, which also has tiny wheels but also has a nice suspension and a very pleasant push (for me); the wheels were rubberized on the outside. I also enjoyed pushing the Oyster Zero which had EVA wheels but after a bit f use, the suspension loonened up and was cushioning so well, we went over grass and bumps all the time.

You could, perhaps, either think about getting a larger model (bug wheels) or maybe check the Valco strollers that are really light, though they have an option to get SPORT wheels that are inflatable. But you wanted puncture proof wheels, which is a problem in that side - and in light models. I will also suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 but that is a three-wheeler, the wheels are really nice and the fold very flat, not a heavy stroller... Lastly, I will really suggest a visit in a few baby stores and seeing. what fits you personally in real life.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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