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A light pushchair with an adjustable strap, large hood, leg rest, foldable, deep seat, and a storage basket

Brit • 10 Feb 2024


I’m looking for a pushchair with adjustable strap, large hood, leg rest, folds down, lightweight, deep seat, storage basket. Thank you.

Eli • 11 Feb 2024

Hiya, Brit,

It'tgood to keep in mind that the lighter and more compact the pushchair will be, the less deep and overall spacious will the seat be. However, I think the best option for you could be the Oyster Zero (Gravity) which's seat I was super happy with, wide and roomy and even took two of my sons at once a few times. The hood is also huge and awesome, and I can recommend this for what you've described (the psuhcair is not heavy at all).

More options to check are Valco Trend, Baby Jogger City Mini2, Mamas&Papas Armadillo, or from the cheaper ones, Kinderkraft Grande.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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