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A light pushchair for a 10mo that will be comfortable ad sturdy enough

Tach • 13 Nov 2023

Hi Eli,

We are torn between many strollers/ pushchairs for our 10 month old daughter, to replace our heavy and cumbersome iCandy peach all terrain for trips to the shops (i.e. use on smooth or paved floors & tarmac, maybe cobbles, not the woods or fields we'll use the iCandy for that) and for holidaying. Not bothered about the 'cabin luggage' sizing, our priorities are comfort for baby in the seat, decent suspension and manoeuvrability, and overall sturdiness.

The 3 on the shortlist are the Babystyle Oyster Zero Gravity, Recaro Lexa Elite and Jane Rocket 2 (I also liked the look of the Inglesina Quid 2 but can't get hold of one).

Can you give us any advice that might help us choose?!

Eli • 14 Nov 2023

Hey, Tach,

From your choices, mine would be the Oyster Zero (Gravity). I had the original one and loved the wide, spacious seat as well as the huge canopy. The suspension was, for such a light stroller, also very decent - nothing all-terrain but very comfy, especially with use, it got better. Overall, that stroller, if you don't need something cabin sized, is a very solid, light one.

Rearo Lexa Elite is not bad at all, but it is more rigid and feels bulkier. The Rocket 2 is, on the other hand, already an ultracompact - tiny wheels, tiny hood, smaller seat, but yes, super compact. For holidays, ok, but if you don't need that size, the Zero will be much more comfortable for your little one (and you).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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