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A light from-birth stroller system for all kinds of terrain

Annalisa C. • 11 Oct 2023

Hi there,

We are expecting our first daughter, and we are between the Moon Clicc and the Cybex Balios Lux. Would you be able to give your opinion on what’s the best option in your opinion?

We live in Italy in a little city beside the beach and near the countryside. There is no public transport so we travel a lot by car or on foot.

We are looking for a stroller that is light and comfortable enough to disassemble and put in the trunk, even when you are alone, and at the same time can tackle all types of terrain.

We are also happy to hear about other suggestions.

Thanks for your help

Eli • 11 Oct 2023

Hi, Annalisa,

I think both of your choices are nice, however, more so for urban use. These are light-ish systems and nice looking, with the Moon Clicc having a very nice, roomy bassinet, and the Balios S being nicely maneuverable and having a practical seat; however, you are saying you want a light stroller that "at the same time can tackle all types of terrain." Well, all types of terrain means also bumps, dirt roads, demanding surfaces, and that means an all-terrani stroller. And those are heavier, bulkier - because they have that solid frame and a lot of suspension which makes them heavier and bulkier, but also more suitable for terrain.

I am saying all that just so you know the stroller will either be light, or all-terrain, and all in between will be a compromise. Just take that into account, and don't expect any of these to be truly super terrain-capable, just moderately alright on occasional bumpiness.

From the two, I would probably go for the Balios S. I mean, it is truly a bit nicer to push and has a more practical seat, which is the part you will use for a much longer time. It will be ok on occasional terrain but not too much and not too heavy.

Apart from that, I would perhaps consider something like the Bumbleride Era or Bumbleride Indie (the second is non-reversible but much more suitable for terrain while not being huge), Concord Wanderer/Concord Camino which is very nice off-road, and from the lighter ones, the Bugaboo Fox is definitely the lightest, even if not tiniest after folding choice which is practical and of quality.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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