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A light enough stroller for London but also for the woods

Alexandra • 04 Jul 2023

Hi I’m a single mum to an active 18 mo old baby boy. Currently have Silver Cross Clic - nice and light but finding it hard to push as he’s getting bigger, more wriggly and it has poor storage space. Also not great for rough terrain.

I live in London and don’t have a car so need space for carting stuff around / shopping… and going on busy buses! However… I also like to walk in the woods and on tough terrain of nearby Hampstead Heath. I’m thinking of a City Elite but doesn’t seem to have much shopping / carrying stuff space? This is my dilemma :) also I take trains for holidays, and he likes sleeping in the pram but guess I’ll have to fold it up?

Eli • 04 Jul 2023

Hey, Alexandra,

I think that if you need a larger storage space and also room for an 18mo+ toddler, something the size of a City Elite makes sense. I think the storage space on it is not bad at all, and the stroller is sturdy, so hanging something on the handle should also be an option for you. Personally I think it is a good choice, especially that for a three-wheeler, the City Elite is not crazy long. The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 is perhaps even better, compactness-wise, but much worse, storage space-wise.

Apart from that, you could think of a Valco Trend SPORT with the inflatable wheels, a super spacious while light stroller that, with the inflatable Sport wheels, will be able to handle some dirt roads as well as be ok for train rides and naps.

My last suggestion is the Peg-Pérego Book Scout which is a bit bulkier, but more urban, with a HUGE basket.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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