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A lie-flat, reversible and lightweight urban stroller for a 7mo

MJ • 14 Jul 2023


I am looking for a stroller for a tall person (1,95m) and a less tall person (1,70) in urban terrain (will not be used in other terrain) that has to be carried up one flight of stairs daily. The little one is 7 month old now and will soon be able to sit (hopefully), so no carrycot needed but a flat position of the seat might be helpful. It would be great if the seat could be adjusted to face in both directions if possible.

Typical activities would be urban walks, shopping, Metro rides and it would be a plus if it could also serve as a sitting option in a cafe, for example.

A first idea would be the Joolz Hub+ but I would be very happy with further suggestions for strollers to look at.

Cheers and thanks in advance!

Eli • 14 Jul 2023

Hey, MJ,

My best advicehere woudl be a Cybex Mios. A light, roomier than the Hub Plus, and also a sturdy enough option that despite the smaller wheels pushes very nicely, and even has some suspension. I personally was very happy with it in an urban area.

The Hub+ is not a bad choice at all, but the canopy position makes the seat a bit smaller, less long lasting.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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