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A lie-flat, lightweight stroller for sunny weather (under £200)

Emily • 07 Mar 2023


I am looking for a stroller for holiday and most important to me is a large canopy with UV protection as we are going to Vietnam where it is extremely hot and sunny. Flat recline as well is important for naps. Daughter will be 19 months (currently 16 months and just over 8kg so on the small side). Budget no more than £200. I was very close to purchasing the Silver Cross Clic but just not sure! Cabin approved is not so important as we will check it in but would like a lightweight one, so we like the travel strollers for this reason.

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

Eli • 08 Mar 2023

Hi, Emily,

If you would not need a travel stroller, I personally would go for a larger one which has much more options for a larger hook and more comfortable naps. I personally love the Oyster Zero for that, it is light but has a huge canopy and is overall comfortable. I know the price is higher at times and places so maybe also nice to check pre-owned ones. A Valco Snap could also work as it is very light.

From the travel strollers, the only large-canopied one that comes to mind is the Maclaren Atom, otherwise I would get something like the Recaro Lexa which is not too expensive, and get a universal sun shade accessory to help with the sun a bit more.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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