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A larger-wheeled, larger-seat, reversible stroller that is less han 45 cm after folding

Anmarie • 12 Mar 2024

Hi dear, is this an impossible task? I need find a stroller with these qualities:

1)Seat unit can be forward or rear facing
2)When folded, the smallest measurement should be under 45 cm (to fit the car)
3)Big or biggish tires that can go in gravel and uneven terrain
4)A long seat unit (about over 100cm), suitable for a 3-or 4-year old
5)Preferably foldable with seat unit on, and both ways (rear or forward facing)

Yikes. I thought I found one (Joie Finiti and Moon Sport) but the seat unit in them is quite short, I don't think it's suitable for children over 2 years)...

I would be forever grateful if you can help!

Eli • 13 Mar 2024

Hey, Anmarie,

With the larger-ish wheels and a 100+ cm seat, it is pretty much impossible, I'm afraid. The smaller you make the fold, the smaller get the components - firstly, wheels and seat (which becomes at least narrower, but also shorter), and frame also gets thinner, less sturdy, less all terrain. With making the fold that compact, you cannot go for a super long seat or big wheels; I mean, the size needs to go somewhere. The smallest reversible stroller with not totally tiny wheels would be the Cybex Eezy S-Twist+², though, again, its size is 59 cm x 45 cm x 28 cm after folding, and the seat is not for kids that big.

I would suggest compromising. Go rather for the comfort of the child, larger seat = non reversible, and go to a few baby stores to try stuff out and see how your child is in the seat, and how big is the fold in reality.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.