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A full stroller travel system (with carry cot and car seat) for an urban lifestyle + travel that will last up to those 3-4 years

Mimi • 11 Jun 2023

Hello! FTM base in the UK and feeling very overwhelmed by the range of stroller options available on the market! I am looking for a full stroller travel system (with carry cot and car seat) around the £1,000/$1,000 mark.

We live in a pretty small space (narrow townhouse) and have a mostly urban lifestyle, so will be walking a lot and taking public transportation (train, bus). We also travel a lot since my family are all abroad, so would need to consider functionality of how we could get things onto an airplane once our baby is old enough to travel (hoping we can start travelling when the baby is around 4-5 months old).

Would really like to invest in one item/system and keep it for 3-4 years and not have multiple strollers for multiple purposes (we just don't have budget or room to store!). Things I've looked at so far are: Uppababy Vista, Ergobaby Metro... but I have no leaning either way and honestly don't really know what I'm looking at! Thank you so much!

Eli • 11 Jun 2023

Hey, Mimi,

You gave me two examples in your question ,the Vista - which is a HUGE system, truly sturdy, but super bulky, and then the travel mini-stroller with forward-facing-only seat, meant for occasional use, the Metro. I mean, I guess you just looked at what's on offer, but it doesn't tell me much about what you really liked versus needed.

I think for what you're describing, you need a (probably reversible) lightweight, more or less compact stroller (also because of the public transport) that is sturdy enough to survive the traveling and use - and as such, I would suggest looking at the Cybex Mios, It is small, but the seat will last you up to 3-4 years (at least to my son, it did). It is narrower, but long, and practical, with a pretty much upright seat angle.

I will also suggest the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 as a non-reversible, if that feature you don't need - even more roomy, plus super sturdy and also kind of all-terrain, and with a flat folding system, this, with the carrycot and car seat adapters, should cover the whole stroller period well.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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