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A from-birth stroller suitable for tropical climates, bumpy roads - and not be too bulky

Agata • 25 Apr 2024


I am looking for a stroller for a newborn that would be suitable for tropical climates and bumpy roads and wouldn't be too bulky at the same time. I will use it both on country roads and in small towns with uneven sidewalks (as I live on a farm in Central America).

However, I plan on using the same stroller during my trips to Europe or the US, where the stroller will be used in mostly urban settings with a lot of walking. This means that the stroller should be easy enough to get on the plane as luggage (as I don't want to invest in another stroller that is allowed in the cabin). Right now I am particularly interested in Joolz Hub+, Uppababy Cruz V2 and Bugaboo Fox 3. I am not sure which one would be the best for my situation. They are all aesthetically pleasing and in the price range that I am looking at. Thank you for your help!

Eli • 26 Apr 2024

Hey, Agata,

From your choices, I believe the Fox could be the most practical choice. It is bulkier (though not really bulkier than the Cruz), however it is light, lasting, and practical. You can get superb summer canopies with plenty of ventilation for it as well - most people love those, and I recommend them for tropical climates especially.

The Hub+ has one advantage over it - it's MUCH flattr and more compact after folding, which can be quite practical when traveling or storing it. However, the canopy it right above the seatm, making the seat a little smaller than it seems, but if you wouldn't mind that, I believe I would pick that if not happy with the Fox's folded size.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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