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A from-birth, reversible, lie-flat, spacious & lightweight stroller, with a good shade & easily portable in the car

Zarah • 24 May 2023

Dear Eli,

I would greatly appreciate your guidance in selecting a stroller for our soon-to-arrive newborn. As a new mom who is also working, it's crucial for me to find a stroller that is not only spacious but also convenient to handle. I would need the stroller to be easily portable, allowing me to effortlessly maneuver it in and out of the car.

Our requirements include a stroller that offers the flexibility of both front and rear-facing options, weighs under 10 kilograms, and provides ample shade to shield our child from the intense heat and sun in our location. It is also important for the stroller to have sufficient legroom to accommodate our child as they grow beyond two years. While it doesn't need to be approved for cabin use, it would be ideal if the stroller could recline completely flat.

In summary, we are looking for a spacious stroller that is both front and rear-facing, weighs less than about 10 kilograms, has good shade for the child, and provides enough legroom to last beyond two years. The stroller should also lie flat and be easily portable for hassle-free transportation in and out of the car, catering to the needs of a new mom who works.

Eli • 24 May 2023

Hey, Zarah,

The problem here might be the shade. I am thinking and thinking but all compact reversible strollers have pretty much a short hood - not completely short, but short in that fully reclined mode. Personally, I would not throw away those options because of a shorter sun shade, as that is an easy fix - just getting a universal sun shade and use it in that reclined mode is easy, practical, and doesn't take from the other features you wanted.

Which is why I would recommend my favorite model out of the lie-flat, reversible models, and that is the Cybex Mios. Small, nimble, compact, easy to load - and with a breathable seat in which I had no problem fitting my 3.5yo even if the seat is on the narrower side. Truly a nice option and I think you will like it. Just get a sun shade accessory with it.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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