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A from-birth pram with reversible option and a nice suspension fitting a Suzuki Ignis boot

Katie • 23 Aug 2023

Hi there.

I'm looking for something that will be suitable for a newborn, and have good suspension, yet also be able to fold up and go in my boot (Suzuki Ignis). My priority is a smooth ride for the little one so good suspension, and something that can face me. Something that I can use on the country park and more rocky paths. What would you recommend?


Eli • 23 Aug 2023

Hey, Katie,

The thing here is, good all-terrain capabilities / good suspension PLUS a reversible seat = larger wheels, larger sturdier (bulkier) frame, overall higher weight and a larger stroller. There is ALWAYS a compromise - is the smaller size more important, the reversible seat, or is the suspension / all-terrainness more important? One stroller, just like one car or one bicycle, will never have everything at 100%. This is important to realize before choosing.

I will suggest a ABC Design Salsa 4 Air here. No, it's not small, but I think with a bit of trying, you can fit it into your Ignis trunk. The inflatable wheels, the suspension, the very large bassinet as well as reversible seat space (and also sun hoods) will, I believe, make you happy there. Be sure to try it out in a shop if unsure about the fit, but I truly think the whole will work for you. Try other ABC Design prams as well, there are multiple nice ones I would say.

Another option is the Joie Versatrax, also not tiny but the larger wheels and the parent-facing seat should be nice there (the canopy and the suspension are not as awesome as with the Salsa).

Lastly, the Bumbleride Era is worth a mention. Nice wheels, nice functionality there, too.

A tip for smaller car boots – be sure to fold your pram in two pieces and store first the folded frame, and the click-on part after that, even if in between the seats if necessary. Prefer a car seat for car traveling, optimally a reclinable one (e.g. the Joie i-Level).

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.