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A double pushchair for no more than £500

Mihaela • 20 Jan 2024


Thanks for the information about Zummi Halo. My baby is already 18 months and I have another 5 months old. I was planning to buy this or Cupla Duo.

So you don't recommend me zummi halo. Cupla Duo doesn't seem to sturdy too.

Do you have in mind a double pushchair for no more than £ 500? What about Joie Evalite duo?

Eli • 21 Jan 2024

Heya, Mihaela,

Double strollers of higher quality and with a low price tag are not totally compatible. It's bugger and to be high quality, it takes quite some costs to make. The Evalite Duo is an ok buggy, but mostly that, a buggy for more occasional use. Not totally sure I would recommend it for a little baby. but 5 months old could actually work - IF you're ok with a very simple stroller.

I personally would look at the [valco-baby-snap-duo|Valco Baby Snap Duo]] which is superb for the price, however I don't know how available it is around you. Another option I would check would be a pre-owned Baby Jogger (either City Mini Double or City Mini GT Double) which is roomy and sturdy and nice to push.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.