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A compact urban from birth stroller & how well does the Bugaboo guarantee work?

Kirsten • 21 Jan 2024

I live in Cascais, a suburb of Lisbon, Portugal so I’m looking for a more compact everyday stroller that has good suspension and ideally will work from newborn to 3+. One hand closure, carrying strap, and a big basket are important to me. In terms of terrain, we will be mainly on paved sidewalks/roads and the classic Portuguese cobblestone. I’m considering the Bugaboo Dragonfly, Uppababy Cruz 2 and Nuna Next, and leaning towards the Dragonfly. I’ve read your comparisons and concerns about the mechanics of the Dragonfly and I’m wondering if you think I will have issues over time.

Is Bugaboo good about fixing strollers and honouring their manufacturers warranty if the stroller isn’t closing as easily and has issues with the mechanics? Any recommendations for European living would be greatly appreciated.

Eli • 21 Jan 2024

Hey, Kirsten,

At Bugaboo, they are very good at offering spare parts, servicing, and if truly an error, then also warranty claims. The Dragonfly itself is a very nice stroller design, and on paper should definitely work, though I don't think that unless it really breaks (which I don't think it will) you would claim your warranty over a looser/rattly stroller. I again think the stroller itself is nice, and if small and light is your priority, t could work well for you, perhaps except those cobblestones. I personally would lean towards the Fox line, however, the weight is low, just the fold is bulkier...

The Cruz is, on the other hand, superbly sturdy, though the suspension is weaker. I don't think I would get that one for a lot of cobbles as the wheels simply will shake the stroller a bit too much. Otherwise a very nice stroller choice.

The Nuna Triv Next could work, again, well. It is reasonably compact, the Next version also stable, and I think perhaps that is the comfiest of al-three, considering what you need it for.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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