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A compact, sturdy, roomy, reversible pushchair

NB • 22 Jan 2024

Hello Eli!

I am looking for a everyday pram which can be both seat reversible, compact fold and kind of lightweigh.
At the moment, I have a Babiloo - Panorama XT and, although I love the colour of it and the maneuvering, it became not being as pratical as I thought because of its closing/opening system. To be able to close/open I have to use both hands, which it was great when I had to use the car seat, but now with the seat itself, it became a struggle to do it as it's not a compact pushchair. Being a single parent, I travel on my own and have my baby in the carrier so it gets quite frustrating to do it and I have the sensation that my baby might fall. Also, she is only 7 months old, weight 9kg and she is not that tall, and she is already reaching the top of the seat. So sooner or later I will have to change for something more suitable.

For that reason, I am really looking forward to change my puschair for a more accessible one which can be one hand folded. I don't feel comfortable having her facing the world just yet, which is why I'm looking for a reversible and spacious seat, something that will definitely last up to 4yrs.

In terms of looks, I really like the big wheels at the back as they tend to give more sturdiness and stability, however I am looking for a kind of lightweight pushchair that I would be able to carry both the pushchair and my daughter (not inside the pushchair). It doesn't have to be completely compact to fit in the airplane, but compact enough to be able to carry along.

I had contacted you before about Cybex Eezy S Twist +2, went to the shop to try it out and ended up not liking it. It has the features I am looking for, but it didn't felt sturdy enough.

Sorry for the long text.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Eli • 23 Jan 2024


Be careful, as if you need a reversible model, expecting it to last up to 4 years is a bit too much. It can be done, but it will be tight - almost always a reversible pushchair, even the more roomy one, lasts about 2-3 years at the max. So just an FYI.

I can see what you mean with the Eezy S-Twist+2, and that is what I told you before, that it is a very compact, more of a travel model, and it won't be the same as a full-featured. more expensive model.

The best I can suggest is a Cybex Mios; I may have mentioned it before. It is one-and-folding, has a longer seat than any model of that size (although a bit narrower, but I could squeeze my 4yo in it even so, honestly), and is sturdy, with nicer suspension. That is the best you can do based on what you're describing. You may want to check pre-owned ones, too, as it's not the cheapest pushchair there is.

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.