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A compact stroller under £200 that works with a buggy board

KP • 10 Mar 2023


I’m looking for a stroller that folds down small for my 6 month old that would also work with a buggy board for my toddler. We currently have the Lascal mini. Max £200 if possible.

Eli • 10 Mar 2023

Hey, KP,

Defintely don't go for a very cheap travel stroller AND a buggy board, you will end up with a rattly, loose-frames buggy that is half unusable., If the budget is lower, go for a second hand model that is sturdier (e.g. the Baby Jogger City Mini, OR a similar sized (forward-facing mid-size) cheaper stroller with a frame large enough to survive this at least kind of (e.g. the Kinderkraft Grande).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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