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A compact stroller for a tall toddler

Pauli • 10 Sep 2023


Thanks for being here! Can you recommend a stroller for a tall toddler? Something compact. I tried te Silver Cross Pop and wasn't great.

Eli • 11 Sep 2023

Hey there, Pauli,

Don't forget the smaller a stroller will be, the worse for larger / taller kids. It is basinć phsics - to make something smaller, the shorter the seatback will be, the narrower the seat, the smaller /rattlier) the wheels - so often it is about the balance of úicking something "good enough", size-wise, to fit your child and your comúactness needs while not going for the smallest possible choice as that is often just not roomy enough to last.

From the really small ones, I would suggest a Joolz Aer as that has one of the longer backrests, so it should work for a taller toddler, at least, better than most similar-sized pushchairs. Then, I would look at slightly larger models, e.g. the Oyster Zero or the Baby Jogger City Mini2, which will be MUCH more spacious thus comfortable (and fold flat).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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