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A compact stroller for a 7mo and streets in a bad shape

Mila • 28 Mar 2024


I'm looking for a stroller for my 7 months old baby. She is normal as size, not very slim, not chubby, may be a little shorter than other babies. We live in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the streets are not very good, broken sidewalks, lots of holes. I want the stroller to be compact for travelling, also easy for pushing, ideally with large basket. We are currently using Easywalker Harvey2, which was also used for my first child. Now I'm looking at Easywalker Jackey or Jackey XL. The budget is arround 500 Euro. What could you reccommend me?


Eli • 28 Mar 2024

Heya, Mila,

Make sure to understand that the smaller, more compact the stroller will be, the smaller (and often more slanted) the seat, basket, and also the wheels. For broken sidewalks, that smaller frame and wheels will mean rattling, getting stuck in holes, and overall not too comfortable a push. So, if you imagine just downsizing so radically as to get a travel stroller meant for secondary and travel/shop use and expect it to perform similarly to your full-size pram, I just have to warn you that will be quite a brutal difference.

I personally would suggest getting something light but more mid-size, flat-folding but not as tiny. Check the Oyster Zero (Gravity), the Baby Jogger City Mini2, such type of a stroller, I am absolutely sure it will be a much more practical choice.

From the two you mentioned, if that is what you decided to go for, definitely pick the Jackey XL because of those larger wheels. Don't expect any all-terrainness there, though. Perhaps also check the Cybex Eezy S+².

Your -very berry- Eli.

Now, this is your place to ask. I'm listening.