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A compact stroller after the slouchy Babyzen - with a more upright seat and an adjustable leg rest

Mehtap • 12 Dec 2023

Hi Eli,

We own Yoyo Babyzen but we’re not happy with how the seat is slouched and now looking for a stroller that has more upright seat and adjustable footrest for our toddler. We also prefer a non bulky one as we live in the city. One of the options is Cybex Eesy Twist S2+ although the twist feature is not required for us.

Would you recommend this one or any other options that fit the criteria?

Thank you

Eli • 12 Dec 2023

Hey, Mehtap,

If you do not need the reversible "twist" feature, I am not sure I would suggest it. I mean, with this size, the reality of getting a really upright seat is not really there, these super small strollers are always at least a little slanted, however the Yoyo is VERY MUCH so, more than many others. That being said, the Twist's reversibility will make the seat a little more upright, but also much narrower and limited in space as the hood is right above the seatback.

I would honestly, rather look at the non-reversible Cybex Eezy S+², definitely better, less limited seat there. Then, I would suggest the Joolz Aer which is more expensive but has a very tall backrest as well as a nicer seat angle (the leg rest is sold separately there).

And lastly, I would suggest thinking about a little larger model, not a bulky one, but a light mid-sized pushchair like, for example, the Oyster Zero (Gravity) as it is still flat and easy to use in the car and so on, but offers SO MUCH more space and comfort for your child, a large hood, basket space, and so on.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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