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A compact second stroller that is upright and easy to maneuver (under £200)

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Claire • 04 Oct 2022

Hi Eli,

We’re going to Florida and then on to a cruise so I’m looking for a second stroller for my 6-month-old. We have the Egg travel system for home but not suitable for traveling.

I’d like something supportive as he’s still really young, something quite light and easy to manoeuvre. It doesn’t have to be cabin size, but I would like something that has the option to be seated quite upright and not slanted. Also don’t want to spend over £200 as it’s only for traveling. Hope you can help please!

Eli • 04 Oct 2022

Hi, Claire,

As your budget is really o the lower side, you have to count on compromises, as the lighter pushchairs and buggies are pretty much always slanted (more or less), and the lower priced ones also tend to have other disadvantages, such as looseness, rattly wheels, etc.

I personally would rather go for a quality second hand stroller with that budget, ranging from a Cybex Mios to Oyster Zero. I could also recommend something like Quinny Zapp Flex which is about 214 on Amazon andis really handy for such occasional use (and reasonably upright + reversible as it's a bucket seat).

Your -very berry- Eli.

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