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A compact-ish stroller for a very tall toddler

Em • 10 Nov 2023


I'm just curious what you would recommend for a compact or somewhat compact stroller that can fit a very tall toddler - he's getting on for 100cm tall and he is 15kg currently, I'm looking for something with a backrest as high as possible, at least 50cm, but I also need something that doesn't take up to much space when folded the weight doesn't matter much as he's heavy so weight when lifting things isnt much of an issue. Currently have the Cybex Gazelle which is pretty bulky when folded so anything smaller than that when folded ideally.

Thank you for your help, I'm hoping you have a few ideas as not really wanting a wagon, but at this rate I might end up with one 😅

Eli • 11 Nov 2023

Hey, Em,

No need to go for a wagon. You need a light, mid-size model that doesn't reverse. A reversible seater is always much bulkier but also much less roomy. My suggestion would be the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 (or just the City Mini2). They have a very flat, quick folding system and a tall backrest with enough space. Other than that, look at the Valco Trend, super spacious, too, or Britax B-Motion Plus if you can get your hands on one. I quite liked the space in the Oyster Zero, there's a bit shorter seatback but a lot of space width-wise as well as to the top of the canopy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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