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A comfortable travel stroller for my 7-month-old

Shan • 24 Mar 2023


I’m currently looking for a stroller for my 7-month-old. I want one that’s comfortable for her as well as being easy to fold and lightweight to take on holiday.

I’ve looked at so many, and my brain is fried, please can you recommend some, I need guidance! Thank you x

Eli • 25 Mar 2023

Hey, Shan,

And does it need to be cabin-sized? If so, definitely check the Ergobaby Metro+ which has a quite comfy seat that lies flat, and should be comfortable for a 7mo. Another interesting option could be the Recaro Lexa.

If the ultra-compact size is not a requirement, I would go for a more comfy mid-size lightweight pushchair, e.g. the Oyster Zero Gravity is a fun option with a lot of space and a fantastic canopy.

Your -very berry- Eli.

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